"So, come up to the lab, and see what’s on the slab!"

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

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Be not afraid of greatness…

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Get To Know Me Meme: [1/5] Favourite Characters » Harry James Potter

This boy will be famous, a legend. I wouldn’t be surprised if today was known as Harry Potter day in future. There will be books written about Harry, every child in our world will know his name.

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100 Perfect People | Willemijn Verkaik. 

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How I imagine it went down

  • C.S. Lewis: I made you a character in my book!
  • J.R.R. Tolkien: OMG me too!
  • Lewis: You're the man who created the wardrobe that leads to Narnia!
  • Tolkien: ...
  • Lewis: Who am I?
  • Tolkien: A tree
  • Lewis: ............
  • Tolkien: But, like, a cool tree

We Slytherins are brave, yes, but not stupid. For instance, given the choice, we will always choose to save our own necks.

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elisabeth das musical (2009 takarazuka ver. because i’m lazy and attached to asatouto) + text post meme

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Shakespearean Insults





People always say that its impossible to find definitions to Shakespearean insults….Well, they are all wrong. I found them. So many of them.

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”Today is a good day to try.”

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